Jan Burton bonks her stepson Tom in the marital bed

After a good few months of flashing her pussy at Tom while they’re watching telly or getting him oil-up her naked body while she’s sunbathing, Jan Burton has finally fulfilled her cheeky ambition of having sex with Tom and filming it for her website (JanBurton.net). They’ve actually had sex three times now for the site, but I haven’t been keeping up with the updates over Christmas. If you click on the “latest” section of Jan’s site you can watch sample videos for all the scenes with her and Tom getting it on – definitely worth a look!

I have a VERY naughty new video of me on my site. It is of course of me and Tom fucking on the marital bed, without the knowledge of his Dad .. my husband. Jan (JanBurton.net)

When I first saw Jan teasing Tom as they watched telly I thought it was probably all a load of made-up porno bollocks, but as the scenes have progressed and Jan has pushed it a little further with Tom every scene – I’m thinking this could actually be fucking real!

You’ve got to head over to Jan’s website to watch the videos of this kinky little scenario – it’s hot as fuck.

  1. Dave says:

    Woow! It reminds me when I was 17, and I was fuckin with my father’s former girlfriend (not my mom!!) just when they separed. She was 46 and her tits… wonderful!!