Posh “horsey” ladies wearing skin-tight jodhpurs. They like to ride hard, but not necessarily on the back of a horse.

Lady Sonia masturbating by the side of a busy country road


In a lot of the recent updates to her site, Lady Sonia has taken to walking around naked through the English countryside or flashing her nice big tits at lorry drivers as she drives by… but this video update takes her horny flashing antics to the next level as this proper posh wife loses all her decorum and has a full-on juicy wank session by the side of a busy road… as the cars drive by. … Continue Reading

Fine looking filly Christie in tight jodhpurs and riding boots

Christie in tight jodhpurs and riding boots

With all the Ascot related horsing around going on this week on telly, I thought I’d have a nose around for some fine milf fillies for the site. Well, I’m sure you’ll agree – Chrstie is one fine looking filly. In this extremely sexy scene for the Riding Boots orientated fetish site (, stunning blonde milf Christie hits the hay after a hard day in the saddle and duly strips down to show her truly epic body. … Continue Reading

Alison Webb in riding boots and jodhpurs


It was the Grand National here in England today. Hope any punters amongst won some money on the race. I had a little dibble in the “out of the hat” sweepstake at work – Turns out my horse ran off at the start of the race, fell over at a fence and was then shot at the end. Bloody typical! I thought I’d supply a nice little “horsey” inspired post featuring the absolutely stunning Alison Webb. This lady is the perfect “British MILF” in my opinion. Sophisticated, elegant and beautiful with a very kinky side. … Continue Reading

Mistress Sonia rides her male slave outdoors


Lady Sonia takes advantage of the surprisingly sunny English summer weather and heads out into the country for a ride. However, she hasn’t chosen to ride the standard horse based steed, she has employed the services of one of her well trained middle aged slaves as her trusty mount. … Continue Reading

Lady Sonia and the stable hand


I’d quite happily give my trusty left bollock for a few days work experience shovelling horse shit in Lady Sonia’s barn, but unfortunately this lucky chap’s got the gig… and all the added extras that go with it! … Continue Reading

Fancy a ride with Danica?


What self respecting British MILF wouldn’t want a big black stallion between her legs as she goes for a canter round English countryside? Well, not Danica Collins, that’s for sure. Danica dons a sexy pair of skin-tight jodhpurs and a pair of leather riding boots as she fulfills every young stable boy’s dream. … Continue Reading

A ride in the country with Red


Tally-Ho! Red puts on her jodhpurs and a boots and heads out into the surprisingly sunny English countryside for an afternoon of fun and frolics. She may look a like a upper class English Lady, but this flame haired MILF is a real kinky madame. … Continue Reading