Sally Taylor flashing her knickers around Nottingham

In this rather saucy set from the appropriately named British porn site Pantyhose In Public (, we join legendary milf Sally Taylor aka Saucy Sally as she flashes her way around Nottingham in a sexy pair of shiny tights, a tasty pair of black stiletto heels and an unforgettable set of bright red kickers. Behind garages, on public steps and at busy bus stops, Sally exposes her shiny hose for the camera.

The last time I waited for a bus to go into town for a few pints, there was literally only me, a disgruntled, drunken tramp and a dog waiting for the bus. The sight of Sally Taylor spreading her thighs to reveal a her bright red knickers showing through those shiny pantyhose or tights, as I prefer to say, would have certainly made for a more much more enjoyable bus experience.

If you’d like to see the full set of pictures of saucy Sally Taylor exposing herself around the mean streets of Nottingham – then head over to Pantyhose in Public, much like British MILFs, it does exactly what it says on the tin!